6 places, 3 rooms, Bran, Predelut, nr. 124, jud. Brasov
Rates from 21 December 2022 until 22 December 2023:
Rate for The whole location - 6 places:
• for one night only: 600 Lei during the week, 600 Lei in weekend
• for 3 or more nights reserved: 500 Lei / night during the week, 500 Lei / night in weekend
Rate for Single room :
• for one night only: 100 Lei during the week, 100 Lei in weekend
• for 3 or more nights reserved: 100 Lei / night during the week, 100 Lei / night in weekend
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Situated in Bran, at 2,5 km from the Castle, Guest House Mara Nicole offers accommodation in 3 double rooms; also has living room, kitchen, TV, 2 bathrooms, pavilion, grill, parking space.

Can rent only the whole building.

Facilities in rooms:

  •   TV (cable tv, digital tv, tv digitv, tv boom)
  •   central heating

Facilities in the establishment:

  •   livingroom
  •   kitchen
  •   parking space
  •   pavilion
  •   barbecue (grill)

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Bran, Predelut, nr. 124, jud. Brasov


+40 722 221 289
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