RINDA'S ROOM - Description

Welcome to Rinda's Room
Looking for a place to stay in Brasov?
I have just the thing for you!

A cozy room in the center of town with access to a beautiful garden! Rinda's Room comes with everything you need: private bath, towels, soap, shampoo, blow-dryer, cable television, internet connection, coffee maker, coffee/tea.

The price for this wonderful room is

120 lei per night for the room
130 lei per night if only 1 night

* Rinda's Room is non-smoking, though smoking is permitted in the garden area.
* 10% discount for more than 5 days reservation

Rinda's Room accepts no responsibility for any loss, accident, personal injury, medical expenses or property damage caused by personal negligence or by any other circumstances beyond our control.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do you have a driver who can pick me up at the airport?
There's a shuttle you can use that will deliver you to my door.

Where can I park my car?
Go through the Schei Gate and park on the left.

Can you recommend a tour guide for the Brasov area?
Yes, I can give you information about tour guides

Why don't you serve breakfast?
I hate to cook and I want you to stay alive!
You have a coffee/tea pot in your room.
That's enough to get you going to breakfast places 5 minutes away.

Can you recommend a Transylvanian rural experience?
I had a wonderful time at the Morning Glory House in Crit, a little over an hour's drive from Brasov. You'll love it!

Who is Rinda?
I am a volunteer who is passionate about helping others become the best they can be. For the past 15 years in Brasov, I have been a high school English teacher, taught a Business & Ethics class for teenagers, started 2 Toastmasters clubs, and lead workshops on money.

Through my guest room, I have met people from all over the world and shared stories and adventures with them over a glass of wine and/or hiking in the mountains.

Customer Comments

- I feel very fortunate to have learned of this wonderful room right in the heart of a fabulous, vibrant city. Thank you, Rinda, for making my stay special. Ken, N.C., USA

- Great internet connection! I'll be back! Rupert, Bucuresti

- I just love this place! Andreea & Eliza, Botosani

- Excellent stay. Hope to come again some day. Pleasure being your guest. Very refreshing rest. Bishop Allmond, N.C., USA

- We hope that this room will be our home every time we'll come to Brasov! Thank you for everything! Claudia & Cezar, Bucuresti

- The place where God gave me the start for a certain happiness that seemed to be around me a while ago; Patience always rewards the hardened ones to practice it, and the peace and hospitality of this room allowed me to listen to my voice better ... Andreea, Bucharest

- What a joy to spend time in your room. It was such a place of rest and prayer. Mary Esther, Idaho, USA

- For one night the time stopped in this wonderful room for me and my daughter. When you open the door, it's as if you step into Alice's Wonderland Gabriela & Maria, Focsani

- Wonderful room! Rinda was very nice and impressed us a lot. Room is very comfortable! Costi & Alina, Brasov

- We've already told you how much we enjoyed this room (despite the week of rain). We'll never forget that you kept it for us for our honeymoon! It was our little oasis of rest and peace. We'll miss it! Irina & Joost, Holland

- We were very glad to stay with you one night and enjoy Brasov and its surroundings. It was good and beautiful. Ursula and Gustion, Der Schweiz

- It was a wonderful weekend. I felt more than a guest, I felt at home, in my family, which includes not only my biological family, but also all dear people who I admire and like. Thank you very much for your kind and enriching thoughts. Cristina, UK

- Thank you for a warm, beautiful place to stay. Your place is definitely on our list and we grabbed some cards for our friends. Marius & Diana, Iasi

- Thank you for everything. We are sorry to leave this home away from home in a superb location, and thank you for making our stay in Brasov so special. Au revoir. Joan & Bill, Sidney, Australia

- Thanks for a lovely surprise: a great room in the middle of Brasov and a nice American lady renting it! We had a great time here and we will definitely visit Brasov and you again. Alexandra & Cosmina, Bucharest.

- A very nice place in a very nice city. I didn't know that a room like this could exist full of peace and history. Lidia & Dan, Bucharest

- Thank you for making this room so cozy and nice. With everybody being so hospitable and friendly, it's like I never left home. Thank you for all the love you put in this room. Stephan, Italy

- Thank you for your wonderful hospitality. You have created a great room for visitors. Allen & Lorraine, Missouri, USA
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