30 places, 15 rooms, Bușteni, str. Caraiman, nr. 40 A
Rates from 04 September 2022 until 30 December 2022:
Rate for Double room superioara - 2 places:
• for one night only: 170 Lei during the week, 220 Lei in weekend
• for or more nights reserved: Lei / night during the week, Lei / night in weekend
Rate for Triple room superioara - 3 places:
• for one night only: 180 Lei during the week, 220 Lei in weekend
• for or more nights reserved: Lei / night during the week, Lei / night in weekend
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A perfect destination for vacation, relaxation and memorable moments.

The villa that today bears the name of Panoramic Schiel & Vasii is related to the history of the Schiel Family. The villa belonged to the Schiel family, being built by German architects during 1934, for Samuel Schiel, as a family home, but also for the many special guests who stepped on their doorstep.
Brothers Carol and Samuel Schiel are recognized as those who laid the foundations of Busteni City, they having a special contribution in the development of the city. From their achievements we can mention as an example the establishment of the Paper Factory or the Champagne Factory from Azuga or the metallurgical enterprise from Brașov.
During the Second World War, the Schil family had to emigrate to Germany and the building was nationalized, receiving a school destination. Many generations of students from Busteni studied in this building.
After the Revolution, the building was returned to the descendants of the Schiel Family, the building being preserved until 2019.
Understanding the history and the special potential of the building Av. Drd Vasii Gabriel understood to bring back to light this wonderful building and after a period of extensive renovation in 2021 the building was put on the international tourist circuit.
Although in the city center at a distance of 150 mm from DN1, the Villa enjoys a beautiful landscape, perhaps the most beautiful in the city.

The villa has 15 accommodation spaces for 30 people (all rooms with balcony and private bathroom), a generous courtyard of over 3,000 square meters, private parking and is located on the front hill of Cantacuzino Castle.

We expect you to discover a wonderful place for vacation, relaxation and memorable moments.

Facilities in rooms:

  •   room with balcony (terrace room)
  •   TV (cable tv, digital tv, tv digitv, tv boom)
  •   central heating
  •   bath room
  •   Hair dryer
  •   wireless internet

Facilities in the establishment:

  •   dining room
  •   kitchen
  •   refrigerator
  •   internet access (Internet)
  •   wireless internet
  •   parking space
  •   garden
  •   pavilion
  •   barbecue (grill)
  •   Telekom network coverage
  •   Orange network coverage
  •   Vodafone network coverage
  •   Digi network coverage
  •   we accept holiday vouchers
  •   we accept digital holiday vouchers

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Bușteni, str. Caraiman, nr. 40 A

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