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Accommodation Hemeiuș, 14 places, 7 rooms
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Guesthouse 3-4 stars. The rooms have been designed in an original way, each with its own theme, inspired by the most iconic places in the world: France, England, Japan, Italy and of course the soul of our region, Bukovina. We added extra, space room with modern finishes for our customers and room for children, inspired by the Flintstones series for toddlers. Their facilities meet the most [...] read more »
Hemeiuș, Str. Ion Simionescu, DJ119B, Jud. Bacau
Casa de Vacanță KUBUL LUI MICHEL
Accommodation Hemeiuș, 4 places, 1 rooms
Casa de Vacanță KUBUL LUI MICHEL
Today's Rates:
195 Lei
The whole location for one night only - 4 places
Michel's Kubul is a unique location both by concept and accomplishment. This kub is the pilot kuk of the rentakub network. The essence of this concept is to provide tourists with generous holiday accommodations, located in nature but with maximum comfort, even luxurious. Renting this kub you will actually rent a mini-property from the 32 m2 self-contained building + 10 m2 terrace, 250 m2 yard [...] read more »
Hemeiuș, str. Rozelor, nr. 119 E, Lilieci

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