19 places, 8 rooms, Herculane, la 3,5 km de Herculane


Rates from 25 July 2019 until 31 August 2020:
Rate for Double room - 2 places:
• for one night only: 280 Lei during the week, Lei in weekend
• for or more nights reserved: Lei / night during the week, Lei / night in weekend
Rate for Triple room - 3 places:
• for one night only: 330 Lei during the week, Lei in weekend
• for or more nights reserved: Lei / night during the week, Lei / night in weekend
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It is situated on E 70 Bucharest-Baile Herculane route. The time to get to the center in Baile Herculane is 7-8 minutes. The building is located on the edge of lime and acacia forest, in a true oasis of 4000 sqm. The fresh air, the smell of fir, beech, and blossoming acacia make you feel wonderful, giving you absolute relaxation. The house has a land of 5000 sqm, arranged in the shape of an orchard with fruit trees and a green space with lawn, conifers and flowers.
The fancy flower offers you fresh fruit (apples, plums, cherries, nuts, cherries, grapes, quince), reminding you of the wonderful moments of your grandmother's orchard. For those who want to do sports we have a gym equipped with various appliances, as well as a volleyball court and a minifootball court.
The green space with lawn, conifers, various plant species is ideal for you to disconnect from everyday problems.
To spend your free time while enjoying the green space around you The Forest House offers you a fully-furnished terrace made of stone, providing you with the necessary cool weather in warm weather.
The barbeque area consists of:
- built-in grill and wood-burning hob

- summer kitchen with sink, stove, water heater, microwave and dishwasher. The garden also features: hot water jacuzzi, generous pool with clean mountain water
- fish pond for relaxation
It is the ideal place to spend your holidays, to organize business meetings, parties and team buildings, picnics or various meetings in a pleasant atmosphere in nature.

Facilities in rooms:

  •   Rooms with air conditioning
  •   TV (cable tv, digital tv, tv digitv, tv boom)
  •   bath room

Facilities in the establishment:

  •   refrigerator
  •   terrace
  •   fitness
  •   Soccer field
  •   swimming pool
  •   Swimming-pool for children
  •   jacuzzi pool
  •   parking space
  •   garden
  •   barbecue (grill)
  •   Fish pond
  •   Orchard
  •   Ping Pong
  •   Telekom network coverage
  •   Orange network coverage
  •   Vodafone network coverage
  •   Digi network coverage

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Herculane, la 3,5 km de Herculane

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