20 places, 4 rooms, Lunca Jariștei, Comuna Siriu


Rates from until :
Rate for Single room :
• for one night only: 40 Lei during the week, Lei in weekend
• for 3 or more nights reserved: 30 Lei / night during the week, Lei / night in weekend
Rate for Double room - 2 places:
• for one night only: 80 Lei during the week, 0 Lei in weekend
• for 3 or more nights reserved: 70 Lei / night during the week, 0 Lei / night in weekend
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Popasul Turistic Orizont - multipurpose building is available with:
- Accommodation with maximum 20 seats in four rooms on the 2nd floor;
- Restaurant, with a maximum of 60 seats, traditional cuisine, and bar on the 1st floor; If you want you can prepare barbecue in the yard.

Pension Orizont - a maximum of 20 beds in 4 rooms, dining room, kitchen with refrigerator, stove, microwave, etc. All rooms are equipped with TV, central heating, hot water permanently.

Facilities in rooms:

  •   room with balcony (terrace room)
  •   Non-Smoking Room
  •   refrigerator
  •   TV (cable tv, digital tv, tv digitv, tv boom)
  •   central heating

Facilities in the establishment:

  •   restaurant
  •   dining room
  •   bar
  •   night club
  •   kitchen
  •   refrigerator
  •   terrace
  •   covered terrace
  •   internet access (Internet)
  •   wireless internet
  •   barbecue (grill)

Special Offers:


Lunca Jariștei, Comuna Siriu


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