Hotel Plutitor PARADISUL DELTEI 4s

20 places, 10 rooms, Murighiol, str. Murighiol, nr. 11


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Here is where you can relax as you have never done it before. Located in a quiet area of the Danube Delta floating hotels Paradise Delta, Delta Star and Delta Magic are distinguished by a special charm, due to warm interiors and welcoming, pleasant atmosphere, but also the diversity of fish in our kitchen preparations.
It is located at exit from Murighiol, on the Danube, 200 meters from the petrol station.

The first level consists of 9 rooms, the second level consists of restaurant, kitchen and terrace and top floor consists of a terrace on the entire length of the ship.
Each pontoon has a capacity of 18/20 people prepared
to meet customers' wishes. The restaurant has an area of 90 square meters with a capacity of 54 people. During your stay at your disposal various games such as chess, backgammon, playing cards, rummy, poker, darts, table tennis; also features: laptop, LCD TV, karaoke system, microphones, stereo, wireless internet.

The rooms have private bathrooms, mosquito nets, heating or cooling system. The terrace is a unique way of relaxing in the shade, rocking chairs and fishing equipment.

As tourist attractions, 3 km from floating hotel is Halmyris Fortress is a strong Roman and Roman-Byzantine fortress, the headquarters of military units and station Danube fleet Classis Flavia Moesia;

We offer a wide range of dishes: Plachie fish, fish soup, fish brine, carp with polenta and garlic sauce, mackerel, grilled catfish, fried carp, catfish baked, etc. Also, our cook, Mariana, will prepare various dishes for those who do not eat fish. In addition, at your disposal, there is barbecue.
At an additional cost, the hotel offers massages, reflexology, bee venom therapy and treatment with bee products.
For rides on the canals, you have six boats powered by 15 hp and 30 hp Mercury and Yamaha engines. 2 boats of 80 hp and 150 hp, two catamarans 130 hp / 140 hp, with a capacity of 30 people, equipped with toilet and bar as well as a BM with room for recreation and toilet. The trips are between 3-5 hours depending on the route. The route can be chosen according to your preferences

Facilities in rooms:

  •   Rooms with air conditioning
  •   TV (cable tv, digital tv, tv digitv, tv boom)
  •   central heating
  •   bath room
  •   bath with shower cabin
  •   breakfast available
  •   half board on request
  •   full board on request

Facilities in the establishment:

  •   restaurant
  •   bar
  •   terrace
  •   covered terrace
  •   internet access (Internet)
  •   wireless internet
  •   conference room
  •   parking space
  •   swing
  •   barbecue (grill)
  •   Lake fishing
  •   Travel Guide
  •   Ping Pong
  •   Darts
  •   chess
  •   Rummy
  •   Cards
  •   Traditional own household

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Murighiol, str. Murighiol, nr. 11

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