10 places, 5 rooms, Valea Doftanei, Teșila, str. Schiorilor, nr. 721
Rates from until :
Rate for Double room - 2 places:
• for one night only: 120 Lei during the week, 150 Lei in weekend
• for or more nights reserved: Lei / night during the week, Lei / night in weekend
Rate for Double room cu baie comuna - 2 places:
• for one night only: 100 Lei during the week, 120 Lei in weekend
• for or more nights reserved: Lei / night during the week, Lei / night in weekend
Rate for The whole location - 10 places:
• for one night only: 600 Lei during the week, 600 Lei in weekend
• for or more nights reserved: Lei / night during the week, Lei / night in weekend
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Are you looking for a destination in the mountains and you are not determined? Doftana Valley is the perfect choice. Away from the hustle and bustle, we are convinced that this place will conquer you and you will return.

Villa Antonia is located at the entrance to Valea Doftanei commune, approximately 1 km from Paltinu Lake.

The villa is built in a modern rustic style and has several features such as fully equipped kitchen, wireless internet, audio system, fiber optic TV, etc. Also, fishing enthusiasts will be able to spend their free time on Lake Paltinu.

The access is easy from DN1-Campina-Valea Doftanei.

The rooms are located on the 1st floor (3 rooms) and the 2nd floor (1 room).

Children up to 7 years do not pay, over 7 years 50% of the price

In the yard there is a gazebo, benches with wooden table, a barbecue.

Car parking is done in the courtyard of the villa.

Tourist spots; Doftanei Gorges, Paltinoasa Lake, Secariei Peak, Old Church Ruins, Glodeasa Reservation, Brebu Monastery, Telega Salt Baths, etc ...

Important !!!
Reservations at Villa Antonia are made exclusively with the payment of an advance. The deposit is non-refundable if the cancellation is made less than 15 days from the date of check-in.
A deposit of 30% of the price of the stay is required to guarantee the reservation.

Facilities in rooms:

  •   room with balcony (terrace room)
  •   refrigerator
  •   TV (cable tv, digital tv, tv digitv, tv boom)
  •   central heating
  •   bath room
  •   Hair dryer
  •   wireless internet
  •   access to animals

Facilities in the establishment:

  •   livingroom
  •   dining room
  •   kitchen
  •   refrigerator
  •   internet access (Internet)
  •   wireless internet
  •   parking space
  •   pavilion
  •   barbecue (grill)

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Valea Doftanei, Teșila, str. Schiorilor, nr. 721

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