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Accommodation Herculane, 38 places, 19 rooms
Package "Christmas Herculane" 440 lei / person - Accommodation for 3 nights / 4 days - Mass, HB Sheet Account - 150 Euro / trip - Christmas dinner in the evening - Free water pool and fitness thermo
Herculane, Aleea Florilor, Nr. 1 A, jud. CARAS SEVERIN
Accommodation Herculane, 32 places, 12 rooms
Herculane, str. Pecinisca, nr. 175
Accommodation Herculane, 13 places, 4 rooms
Herculane, str. Trandafirilor, nr. 180, jud. Caras Severin
Accommodation Herculane, 20 places, 10 rooms
Herculane, str. Pecinisca, nr. 175 E, jud. Caras Severin

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