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House Rivoli is a Romanian and international restaurant, new in Bucharest, opened in January in Sector 3 in the Titan district, in a very quiet area. House Rivoli took the place of an old restaurant in the area, and wants to impress customers through both delicious dishes and service quality. The new owners have made a total change of the place starting from design to service and [...] read more »
București, Str. Postăvarului, nr. 98 A, Sector 3
Cherie responds at high standards to the most demanding tastes of cuisine inviting you to its exquisite restaurant that blends the best dishes from around Europe. France, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Romania all these countries you can visit through our menu. Moreover it has a green terrace that provides an unusual quietness for the central zone of Bucharest.
70 places
In many people's mind "gastronomy" isn't necessarily synonymous with "health", but in fact healthful food and fine cooking are completely harmonious. "Oliviers" offers fine healthy bio food in an impecable manner and charming environment. Here you'll find that ingredients are of the highest quality, all natural and home-made. You will love the smell of home made fresh baked bread and the looks [...] read more »
București, Str.Clucerului, nr.19
100 places
București, Str. Al. Constantinescu, nr. 33
București, Drumul Taberei, nr. 128

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