8 places, 3 rooms, Săliște, 557236 Vale, Jud Sibiu
Rates from 20 December 2022 until 31 March 2024:
Rate for The whole location - 6 places:
• for one night only: 590 Lei during the week, 590 Lei in weekend
• for or more nights reserved: Lei / night during the week, Lei / night in weekend
Rate for The whole location - 7 places:
• for one night only: 650 Lei during the week, 650 Lei in weekend
• for or more nights reserved: Lei / night during the week, Lei / night in weekend
Rate for The whole location - 8 places:
• for one night only: 710 Lei during the week, 710 Lei in weekend
• for or more nights reserved: Lei / night during the week, Lei / night in weekend
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• Deposit 25% | Paypal or transfer to our banc account
• Cancellation fee: 25% (the deposit)
• We rent out this holiday home just completely
• Minimum stay: 3-5 nights (seasonal)
• Additional person: 10 euro/night
• Pet: 5 euro/day.
• Cot: 3 euro/day, high chair included
• Free transfer from Sibiu airport or train station; rental car on request
• WiFi Internet, energy, firewood, soaps, shower gel, detergents, spices, maps of the area
• Breakfast, traditional menus, farming products from the village
• Rates:

08.01 - 01.04 _____ 85 euro
01.04 - 10.06 _____ 106 euro
10.06 - 20.09 _____ 118 euro
20.09 - 22.10 _____ 106 euro
22.10 - 20.12 _____ 85 euro
20.12 - 08.01 _____ 126 euro

- these are 5 entirely different holiday homes in and around the shepherds village of Vale, directly at the foot of the Carpathians. On the one hand secluded from the pulse of time, on the other hand just around the corner from Sibiu, the European Capital of Culture in Transylvania.
Among them two rustic villas, apartments, a shepherd's hut in the mountain meadows and a former farm. We have fundamentally refurbished it with attention to detail all along, with respect to the traditional style of the area, but also with a view to modern building materials and contemporary housing needs. The result is the encounter of different times and cultures, each of them with its own flair, distinctive and special in a place which – we hope – will be sidestepped by the world’s hustle for a long time to come.
The village of Vale is nestled between the wooded mountains overlooking the Transylvanian plain. No through traffic, in an absolutely peaceful spot. Leaving the cottage behind you already find yourself on the way up to the mountain meadows with their unique flora and fauna in Europe.

VILLA CRINA - the rustic new building with 200 sqm living space and terraced garden - 8 sleeps.
VILLA ZOLLO - the light-filled house on the hill slope with panoramic view in all directions - 6 to 8 sleeps.
CASA PELU - completely renovated farmhouse with new attic and roof terrace - 6 sleeps.
CASA NICU - the 120 year old house with the appropriate historic flair - 2 to 3 sleeps.
CASA ZOLLO II - cozy apartment with large terrace and garden - 2 to 3 sleeps.
COZO FANTU - the former shepherds cottage in the mountain meadows - 4 sleeps.

Interested in a special accomodation? Pleas take a look on our homepage www.casa-vale.net.
Requests by e-mail we will answer within 24 hours.



New holiday home at the hill slope with panoramic view in all directions.
Located at the edge of the shepherd's village Vale in an absolutely peaceful spot. The only through traffic consists of one or two horse carts bringing in the hay from the nearby hills. You may expect sprawling bright rooms, exceptional cleanliness, and the comfortable indoor climate of a rear ventilated larch-facade.

We rent out this cottage since June 2013. It provides 5.000 sqm garden and spacious 152 sqm of living space for 6 (up to 8) persons on two floors.
The large living room (34 sqm) with oak parquet is located on the mezzanine floor. It includes an open kitchen, a brick fireplace, LED TV (Astra Satellite) and ten seats at two tables. From the adjoining balcony you can take a look into the valley or follow the sun as it goes down right between the crests of two forested mountains.
The open kitchen is fully equipped for self catering with a large fridge combo, gas stove, coffee maker and espresso machine, toaster, kettle, spices and more. The first room (17 sqm), with windows opening to the East, South and West, is accessible from both the living room and the outer hallway. Also the first bathroom (3 sqm) adjoins the living.

An interior staircase leads to the two light-flooded rooms in the attic, the larger with oak floors and balcony. With their 24 and 32 sqm, they can easily be used as lounge for an entire group. Dormers and windows are opening in three directions and allow the sun to spread in the rooms any time of day. The view is impressive: into the vastness of the valley, onto forested mountains and in good weather up to the snowy peaks of the Fagaras Mountains.
The second bathroom (8 sqm) with shower, tub, toilet, washer and house pharmacy branches off from the hallway between the rooms.
Each room is equipped with a double bed, TV, plants and an infrared panel. In the largest room, a sofa bed is available for up to two other persons. On arrival, you will find the beds freshly made, also available are towels, soap and shower gel.

The entire interior of the accommodation was chosen with care and is new, including kitchen and sanitation facilities, mattresses and linen. All furniture, windows, doors and stairs where consistently made to measure, and the rear ventilated larch facade ensures a healthy indoor climate during all seasons.
The solar-assisted central heating is backed up threefold. Either you fire up the water-bearing fireplace in the living room, which supplies all the radiators in the house, or an automatic control takes over the job and starts a gas heater and / or the electrical infrared panels at no additional costs for you.

The two gardens are fenced and adjacent to the surrounding hills. Here you can relax on a covered patio, roast your steak on the stonewalled barbecue or enjoy the evening at an open fire, proposing a toast to the awaking crickets. Maybe you just sit down under an apple tree, listen to the birds and let the thoughts drift by.

We rent out this accomodation separately or in combination with the two-person-apartment Casa Zollo II on the ground floor. It has a separate entrance, private terrace, kitchen and bathroom.

• For 6 up to 8 persons
• 3 rooms with panoramic view and balcony
• 2 bathrooms, one of them with tub and washing machine
• Large living room with open kitchen, fireplace and balcony
• 2 gardens with parking lot, covered patio, BBQ and fireplace
• Enclosed courtyard
• Minimum stay: 3 - 7 nights
• Additional charge from the 7th person: € 8
• Discount from the 15th day


We offer more than just accommodation

• The transfer from Sibiu airport or train station is free and, on request, we provide a cheap rental car.
• On request, our cook will provide you with breakfast or swing the wooden spoon. She conjures traditional menus fresh to the table to pre-arranged times. Also farm products from the village are available, such as: fresh milk straight from the udder, goat or sheep's cheese, forest honey and homemade jam, Zakusca, canned vegetables, wine and schnapps. Please request our offers and price list.
• On request: UMTS stick (mobile internet connection) with or without a laptop, phone, shopping prior to your arrival, osteopathic treatment, riding horse, cot, rides in a donkey cart for children.
• Tip: trip to our shepherds hut (Cozo Fantu) in the high meadows. Without comfort but with lots of fresh mountain air for stressed lungs. A source emerges a stone's throw away, the cherries hanging in the trees, and cheese and milk you can get from the shepherd next door. Rise in horse cart and traditional shepherds stew on request. Advice to other destinations can be found below in this description.

We aren't studied tourism experts. We live in Vale and have joined together in a small and family-type construction company. By this company, we have given five cottages a complete overhaul or constructed them from scratch and today, after 8 years of work, at least two families and several villagers benefit from their existence. We foster a climate of openness and equality-based relationships.


The Sibiu area and the Transylvania region

If you like the view from the heights and if you want to experience the unique mountain scenery and the expanse of the valleys further below, you are in your right spot here. You don't need to look far for original places in the midst of pristine nature. The ascent to the mountain meadows starts at the village edge. You hike through a flora and fauna deemed to be singular in Europe and if you don't watch your step you will stumble over lizards and salamanders and have the mountain goats laugh at you.

If you wish to explore the surroundings, delve into the country's history or become acquainted with Romania and its people, this is your spot too. All over the countryside you find ancient fortified churches, ruins, abandoned mines and caves.

The city of Sibiu, founded by German-Flemish settlers in 1150, lies just around the corner and to this day is a fountain of cultural diversity. The medieval fortifications enbrace an old town with historic alleys and restaurants, cafés and bars, some of which are set in vaulted cellars or courtyards. During the summer the town opens up to visitors and regularly organizes events, from cabaret and theater, through open-air concerts, to exhibitions of local crafts guilds.
The Traditional Village Museum on the outskirts of Sibiu also merits one or two glances. Here, centuries-old log cabins, water mills, blacksmith shops and saw mills from all over the country were reconstructed true to the original.
From here it's just a stone's throw to the fortified church of Cisnadioara, one of the oldest Saxon buildings in Transylvania established in the 13th century. It stands on an almost circular mountain top above the village.

After taking a walk for hours you will feel your legs. In the saltwater lakes and spas of Ocna Sibiului (25 km) you can soothe your aching bones in brine, stretch out in saltwater reading the newspaper and then coat yourself in mud. If that won't suffice, we will fix you a date with our osteopath.
The way back from Sibiu leads you past Cristian (13 km). Here, another Saxon fortified church gives you an impression of how centuries ago people barricaded themselves against Mongols, Turks and Kuruc irregulars.

If you are aiming really high, you can choose between two trafficable north-south passes over the Carpathians, both to visit in a day trip:
• The ‘Transfagarasan’ – winding past steep rocks and a waterfall dozens of meters high. On the top awaits you the ‘Balea’ lake with a hostel and the house of ice.
• The ‘Transalpina’ - at 2.145m the highest trafficable road across the Carpathians, sometimes even above the clouds. Created by the Romans in their campaign against the Dacians, she was forgotten in the meantime and today presents one of the untouched mountain regions in Europe.
In both cases, you arrive at ‘Walachia’, the southern part of the country, in a climate zone influenced by the Mediterranean. From here you can return through the ‘Olt Valley’, the only north-south route through the Carpathians, passing ancient monasteries and partly steep cliffs. Anyone who doesn’t stop here must be in a real hurry.

If you choose to delve deeper into the history of Romania you will hear about the Dacians. Similar to the Celts in Ireland, they are famous for their mystical traditions and particular skills. The last Dacians are said to have taken refuge in the ‘Muntii Apuseni’ (Central Carpathians), a sparsely populated region on the western border of Transylvania. Today however, this region is known for its caves and abandoned mine tunnels, some of which run hundreds of meters through rock. Skeletons of dinosaurs and other prehistoric monsters are found in their depths even today. Early birds can explore this area on a day trip.

Also the immediate surroundings of Vale has something to offer: The open-air Marmelada swimming pool is just across the hill 20 minutes walk away, and so is the first of five lakes in the valley. In 10 minutes you have left the village below, passing dozens of hand-carved wooden sculptures on the Poiana Soarelui (sunny glade) on your ascent, to arrive at the mountain meadows with an unique view across the vastness of the Transylvanian Plain.

Connoisseurs are attracted to the mountain lake at Gura Raului (8 km). It lies in a depression surrounded by forest and is fed by several rivers and streams. The water is clear and in the evening, you can light a fire and watch the fish jump for mosquitoes. The serenity of this place can't be captured in a single image, but anyone visiting this place won’t easily forget it.

Heist and highway robbery are tales from the years following the political change and Count Dracula obviously exists only in movies. Most people in these parts are open-minded if met with respect and many of them speak English, so communication works without troubles.

No matter which way you turn, you will experience amazing things, usually things you never expected.


••• CASA VALE ••• 5 holiday homes right at the foot of the Carpathians, Transylvania, Sibiu. Private holiday houses, cottages, self catering villas and apartments nearby Sibiu, Transylvania, Romania. Accommodations, vacation & holiday rentals for families, kids and pets in a quaint Carpathian village. Direct online booking and last minute prices.

Facilities in rooms:

  •   room with balcony (terrace room)
  •   Non-Smoking Room
  •   TV (cable tv, digital tv, tv digitv, tv boom)
  •   central heating
  •   Extra bed in room
  •   Baby bed
  •   bath with shower cabin
  •   bathtub
  •   wireless internet
  •   access to animals
  •   breakfast available
  •   half board on request
  •   full board on request

Facilities in the establishment:

  •   livingroom
  •   fire place
  •   kitchen
  •   refrigerator
  •   covered terrace
  •   wireless internet
  •   parking space
  •   garden
  •   pavilion
  •   barbecue (grill)
  •   Orchard
  •   provide transportation (from airport to the railway station, etc.)
  •   tourist information
  •   Camp fire
  •   car rentals
  •   walks with the wagon or sleigh pulled by horses
  •   Rummy
  •   Cards
  •   Traditional own household
  •   Telekom network coverage
  •   Orange network coverage
  •   Vodafone network coverage

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