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Accommodation Galați, 4 places, 2 rooms
We offer you a two-room apartment, located in the center of Galati, bearing the footprint of a designer, and only a minute walk from the Danube river! The apartment is located in a quiet neighborhood and is in proximity to Danube promenade, a park, banks, restaurants, market, pharmacy, shops, supermarkets amenities: two rooms, one with matrimonial bed, one with a sofa bed central heating air [...] read more »
Galați, str. Domneasca, nr. 8, jud. Galati
Accommodation Galați, 16 places, 8 rooms
With 11 years of experience in this field you can choose a Galati vacation rental from over 5 high quality apartments situated in central locations,on 300 m far range for all of them. These vacation accommodations are ideal for holidays in Galati. The apartments are situated in a central district Mazepa I-2 minutes from Danube upper promenade, 5 minutes from downtown and 5 [...] read more »
Galați, str. Rosiori, nr. 20, cartier Mazepa
Accommodation Iași, 20 places, 11 rooms
Iași, str. Roscani nr. 2A, Jud. Iasi
Accommodation Iași, 9 places, 5 rooms
Iași, Str. Zimbrului, nr. 13, jud. Iasi
Accommodation Iași, 7 places, 4 rooms
Iași, str. George Emil Palade, nr. 18 A, jud. Iasi

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