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Accommodation Slănic Moldova, 498 places, 249 rooms
Slănic Moldova, Str. Mihai Eminescu, nr. 1
Accommodation Slănic Moldova, 80 places, 40 rooms
"Coroana Moldovei" Hotel is located in the center of Resort Moldova, close to springs. Hotel is a "boutique", each room is personalized and has the style, luxury and refinement of old aristocracy. The original building is a period building, registered in Romania's national heritage, built in 1937, and in 2012 was exinsa with 24 rooms, keeping the same architectural style, the hotel now [...] read more »
Slănic Moldova, str. Porumbeilor, nr. 1, cod postal 605500
Accommodation Slănic Moldova, 80 places, 43 rooms
Slănic Moldova, Str. Armoniei, Nr. 2, jud. Bacau

Slănic Moldova
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