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Accommodation Sibiu, 22 places, 11 rooms
Hotel Levoslav offers you accommodation in 8 apartments and 2 double rooms; also has Bar, restaurant, room service, TV cable, phone, wireless internet, air conditioning system, parking space.
Sibiu, str. G-ral Magheru, nr. 12
Accommodation Gura Râului, 40 places, 15 rooms
Hotel Bocca Del Rio, is located at 18 Km. from sibiu, at the base of Cindrel Mountains, close to the Sibiu International Airport. The Hotel has 15 rooms with bathrooms, TV, internet, telephone, mini bar, restaurant with 2 saloons (60 and 30 seats), bar, conference room, parking space.
Gura Râului, 18 Km de Sibiu, Jud. Sibiu
Accommodation Sibiu, 55 places, 23 rooms
Dracula Motel classified at two stars offers you 23 high comfort rooms. Our bedrooms were decorated in a modern style, different for each room, which crates a warm atmosphere meant to give the ultimate in comfort for a restful sleep. We offer: - double bed rooms ( if needed we can also bring an extra bed) - double rooms w/ 2 separate beds - room for 3 persons - room for 4 persons The [...] read more »
Sibiu, Selimbar, str. Mihai Viteazu, nr. 269, jud. Sibiu
Accommodation Mediaș, 54 places, 27 rooms
Hotel Edelweiss has 28 rooms, all with bathrooms, TV, telephone, mini bar, internet, central heating system, restaurant (250 seats). Prices - single room 112 Ron - double room 143 Ron - apartment 204 Ron breakfast included
Mediaș, Str. Aurel Vlaicu Nr. 5
Accommodation Sibiu, 26 places, 14 rooms
Located on DN 1, in the neighbourhood of the administrative, cultural and industrial centres of Sibiu, the Premier Hotel offers unique and singular services in a new dimension in the hotel industry: a hotel in hotel. The 10 rooms and 2 suits offer our guests a unique comfort both through a design that joins classical with modern elements, warm colors that create an intimate and pleasant [...] read more »
Sibiu, str. Vasile Milea, nr. 76
Accommodation Sibiu, 30 places, 10 rooms
Sibiu, Piata Mica, nr. 31, Jud. Sibiu
Accommodation Sibiu, 26 places, 11 rooms
Located in the heart of Sibiu, Luxembourg House still retains the unique architectural features, reminiscent of its original charm of the thirteenth century, the first site of fortifications built on the medieval town. Each room has its particular style and you can choose to stay in any of them enjoying picturesque views of the Liars’ Bridge, the Evangelic Cathedral or the Council Tower.
Sibiu, Piata Mica, nr. 16, Jud. Sibiu

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