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Accommodation 2 Mai, 37 places, 11 rooms
The house is located 50 m from the sea. The house has a view from the terrace to the sea, you can see the sunrise and you can quietly serve a coffee or a juice, etc. The house is new, put into use this year. We have hot water non-stop internet, wi-fi, Led TVs, new and modern furniture. It offers 12 parking spaces (4 in the yard and 8 in front of the yard). Each room has its own bathroom, TV, [...] read more »
2 Mai, Mihail Kogălniceanu, nr. 468 A
Accommodation 2 Mai, 16 places, 8 rooms
Casa Bianca is located only 5-10 minutes' walk from the beach of 2 May. The house has: - 1 suite with bathroom and kitchen - Double rooms with air conditioning, TV, cable TV, private bathroom - 2 suites, - 1 kitchen at your disposal for minutes only. On each floor there are airy and always cool terraces. The location is made up of two houses, united by a flower garden and tables where you can [...] read more »
2 Mai, str. Islazului, nr. 349

2 Mai
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