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Accommodation Dunavățu de Jos, 24 places, 9 rooms
House Four Seasons is one of the newest accommodation place in the Danube Delta, a real rustic and welcoming environment. Four Seasons House is committed to ensuring your comfort and leisure by: - Fishing games for all 4 seasons - Motor Boating custom routes - Traditional fishing tables - Festive evenings accompanied by choir Lipoveni on request - Organization of picnics and bonfire on [...] read more »
Dunavățu de Jos, str. Principala, nr. 23, jud. Tulcea
Accommodation Dunavățu de Jos, 12 places, 6 rooms
The guesthouse is situated in Dunavatul de Jos. It consists of two wooden houses with six rooms. The rooms have between two and three seats and are equipped with bathrooms, air conditioning and TV . The chalets are equipped with its own kitchen equipped with all you need including the stove.
Dunavățu de Jos, str. a 2 -a, nr. FN, jud. Tulcea

Dunavățu de Jos
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