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Accommodation 2 Mai, 16 places, 8 rooms
Casa Bianca is located only 5-10 minutes' walk from the beach of 2 May. The house has: - 1 suite with bathroom and kitchen - Double rooms with air conditioning, TV, cable TV, private bathroom - 2 suites, - 1 kitchen at your disposal for minutes only. On each floor there are airy and always cool terraces. The location is made up of two houses, united by a flower garden and tables where you can [...] read more »
2 Mai, str. Islazului, nr. 349
Accommodation 2 Mai, 7 places, 3 rooms
Villa Marius is located in the 2 Mai resort, in an area where the sea waves can be heard and admired in close proximity, only 70 m from the beach. Villa Marius is waiting for you to spend an unforgettable vacation, in a welcoming atmosphere, spoiled by the comfort and facilities of the villa, which is at your disposal with the friendly staff, ready to serve you and provide you with all the [...] read more »
2 Mai, str. Mihail Kogalniceanu, nr. 511, jud. Constanta
no vacancies for New Year 2022
Accommodation 2 Mai, 12 places, 6 rooms
Villa has 6 double rooms with own bathroom, TV. large dining room with table for 12 persons, fully equipped kitchen. Guests are alone throughout the reservation, this is why we encourage you to rent the villa for groups. The price is 600 ron/ day all location, at list 2 days or 2500 E per month
2 Mai, str. Zamora Noua nr. 13, jud. Prahova
Accommodation 2 Mai, 28 places, 14 rooms
Pension Casa Margo is located at the exit from 2 Mai to Vama Veche, at 3-5 minutes from the beach. Pension Casa Margo offers accommodation in 12 double rooms and one apartment, all with bathroom, TV, air conditioning system, internet, central heating system, restaurant.
2 Mai, str. M. Kogalniceanu, nr. 501, Jud. Constanta

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