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Accommodation Lunca Jariștei, Comuna Siriu
Today's Rates:
80 Lei
Double room for one night only
70 Lei for 3 or more nights reserved
Popasul Turistic Orizont - multipurpose building is available with: - Accommodation with maximum 20 seats in four rooms on the 2nd floor; - Restaurant, with a maximum of 60 seats, traditional cuisine, and bar on the 1st floor; If you want you can prepare barbecue in the yard. Pension Orizont - a maximum of 20 beds in 4 rooms, dining room, kitchen with refrigerator, stove, microwave, etc. All [...] read more »
20 places, 4 rooms, 80 Lei / double room for one night only
Accommodation Borșa, str. Brădet , nr.29, Maramures
undefined rate
10 places, 4 rooms, undefined rate
Accommodation Sâmbăta de Sus, Zona Turistica
Pensiunea MARIA - CARTA
undefined rate
Pension Maria offers you accommodation in 9 double or triple rooms, all with bathrooms and TV; also has living room, 2 kitchens, 2 terraces, central heating system, garden, parking space, place for children to play, fish pond.
20 places, 8 rooms, undefined rate
Accommodation Moeciu, Moeciu de Sus, Valea Popoii, nr. 72 A, jud. Brasov
Pensiunea RALINA
Today's Rates:
70 Lei
Double room for one night only
60 Lei for 2 or more nights reserved
Guest House "Ralina" has 6 double rooms with bathrooms, TV, central heating, dining room, kitchen, parking space.
10 places, 5 rooms, 70 Lei / double room for one night only
Accommodation Bran, Tohanita, nr. 28, jud. Brasov
Pensiunea MOTOROM
undefined rate
Pension Motorom offers you accommodation in 12 rooms all with bathrooms; also has restaurant, sauna, massage, parking space, fish pond, terrace, grill, place for children to play.
24 places, 12 rooms, undefined rate
Accommodation Cheia, Principala, nr. 25
undefined rate
26 places, 10 rooms, undefined rate
Accommodation Lunca de Jos, str. Paraul Boros, nr. 65, Jud. Harghita
Pensiunea BOROS
Today's Rates:
100 Lei
Double room for one night only
Love at first sight – that is how the work of the Szasz family began, when they have bought a site in Lunca de Jos - Paraul Boros which had nothing built on it except from a little old house and an abandoned garner. Today the site looks like a little village itself, with 11 beautiful little country houses built one by one on it. The abandoned houses were bought, disassembled, transported to [...] read more »
50 places, 25 rooms, 100 Lei / double room for one night only
Accommodation Arbore, str. Principala 257, jud Suceava
Today's Rates:
50 Lei
Double room for one night only
Casa Galbena is a new building, completed in 2007. It is located in the Community Tree Nr. 257, Suceava County, in the municipality Radauti 16km, 6km from town and 35Km Solca Municipality of Suceava. (GPS coordinates: N 47.7376 E x 25.9159) Prices are promoted without competition in Bucovina. Principle by which we work is, "Our customer is not just a client, since that goes to our hostel, he [...] read more »
19 places, 8 rooms, 50 Lei / double room for one night only
Accommodation Râșnov, str. Alecu Russo, nr. 41
Pensiunea DARA
Today's Rates:
110 Lei
Double room for one night only
100 Lei for 5 or more nights reserved
Dara Guesthouse offers accommodation in 8 double rooms. Have a great view of Bucegi mountains, Piatra Mare Mountains, but also Postavaru. Guesthouse was opened in 2012 and is designed to please every customer. Bathroom, rooms with balconies, rooms for 3-4 persons, decorated in Japanese style, Indian, Chinese, African, or drawn with elements representing air, earth, water or fire, will make you [...] read more »
17 places, 8 rooms, 110 Lei / double room for one night only
Accommodation Sucevița, Str. Dragosina, nr. 20
Today's Rates:
119 Lei
Double room for one night only
Villa Arcadia provides eight double rooms with bathroom, living room, dinning area, fireplace and access to kitchen with refrigerator, stove, microwave, utensils, dishwasher, patio with barbecue terraces, central heating, hot / cold water, parking space. Entertainment: - Hike in the woods on the trail - Bonfire, wagon tours through the forest (on request) - Billiards, table tennis, darts, Wii, [...] read more »
16 places, 8 rooms, 119 Lei / double room for one night only

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