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16 places, 6 rooms
Poienile Izei, str. Principala, nr. 134, Maramures
10 places, 4 rooms
Pension Maria Petreus offers accommodation in 4 rooms, we have a TV in every room, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, dining room. We offer accommodation in half board or full board.
Poienile Izei, nr. 144 A, jud. Maramures
8 places, 4 rooms
Landscape with hills covered by pastures and forests is complemented by specific sounds of a village: singing roosters horses with carts or the church bells calling the faithful to serve. Port customs and traditions are a very important point here. We offer a carriage or sleigh excursions trips to the whirlpool visiting churches or monasteries. We offer three rooms (eight seats) with two [...] read more »
Poienile Izei, str. Principala, nr. 143
15 places, 6 rooms
Come into the heart of Maramures to feel better then home and to listen to us as we play cetera and zangura.
Poienile Izei, str. Valea Dubului, nr. 135, Maramures

Poienile Izei
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