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Restaurants Săcele, 40 places
Restaurants Brașov, 150 places
Brașov, Str. Carpatilor, nr. 60
Restaurants Săcele, 250 places
Săcele, B-dul, Brasovului, nr. 76, Jud. Brasov
Restaurants Brașov, 80 places
Brașov, str. Vulcan, nr. 104, jud Brasov
Restaurants Sânpetru, 50 places
Sânpetru, str. Republicii, nr. 134
Restaurants Brașov, 120 places
Ezio restaurant awaits you with fresh dishes, carefully prepared by our chef. We offer both international cuisine and Romanian traditional. Ezio restaurant organizes weddings, birthdays, company parties, sound and seating arrangement is included in price. Restaurant Capacity: 120 seats.
Brașov, Dambul Morii
Restaurants Brașov, 30 places
The restaurant of "Confort" resort offers you a big variety of meals and an irreproachable service.In our restaurant you find a very pleasant ambiance and you can dine without the noise and the agitation of the big city. Our kitchen offers you a lot of traditional Romanian food prepared with love by her chef. Our resort is available for organizing all kind of events: from the small family [...] read more »
Brașov, str. Tablei, nr. 27, jud. Brasov
Restaurants Brașov, 90 places
Brașov, str. Apollonia Hirscher, nr. 12
Restaurants Brașov, 200 places
Brașov, Dambu Morii, str. Col. Kiss Sandor 102
Restaurants Brașov, 170 places
Brașov, str. Carpatilor, nr. 60
Restaurants Brașov, 45 places
With a capacity of 40 seats and the possibility of expansion, our restaurant offers you typical menus of the continental cuisine. Our dishes can be savoured on different occasions and events that take place either in the restaurant or outdoors, on the terrace of the restaurant.
Brașov, str. Sandor Petofi, nr. 27
Restaurants Tărlungeni,
Tărlungeni, str. Tarlungului, nr. 110 A, Jud. Brasov
Restaurants Săcele, 80 places
Restaurants Brașov, 100 places
"There is no love sincerer than the love of food" - George Bernard Shaw How would you like to relish a sophisticated dinner with someone special or to impress your business partner with a lovely traditional meal? Restaurant Ambient is waiting for you with its delicious dishes made to enchant your senses!
Brașov, str. Iuliu Maniu, nr. 27
Restaurants Brașov,
Brașov, str. Poarta Schei nr.5
Restaurants Brașov, 300 places
Brașov, Soseaua Nationala DN1
Restaurants Poiana Brașov, 80 places
Designed in a special way because of the architecture which allow a natural illumination, specialized in Romanian gastronomy as well as international culinary art, the restaurant, located at the ground-floor, has 70 places and it is divided in two saloons: Serra and Classic. The culinary specialties are prepared by the chef, with a international experience. - The bar, situated at the [...] read more »
Poiana Brașov, str. Poiana Soarelui 162
Restaurants Poiana Brașov,
Bavaria Restaurant. The tastiest choice. We invite you to a Poiana Brasov restaurant that serves delicious dishes anytime. Our fresh and healthy food will give you energy for trekking or skiing all day long. Plus, we host special events, such as weddings, anniversaries or parties. And, we’re renowned for our flawless organizing. Not just any Poiana Brasov restaurant can pride itself with such [...] read more »
Poiana Brașov, Str. Valea Sticlariei
Restaurants Poiana Brașov, 150 places
Royal Boutique Hotel offers to his clients a modern festive hall from all points of view, ideal for organizing the most important events in your life Whether it's conferences, trainings, seminars, presentations, product launches, weddings and parties, team Royal Hotel is available with highly qualified personnel, necessary logistics and a wide range of menus, will come to meet all tastes and [...] read more »
Poiana Brașov, Poiana Doamnei, nr. 4
Restaurants Brașov, 220 places
If you've ever wanted to savor dishes, specially prepared for your Lord’s tastes, Welcome Home! Here is the wonderful place to go with confidence in the open kitchen and whisper in the ear of the skillful chef all that your heart pleases. He, a legendary master, will listen carefully and prepare wisely your favorite ingredients, according to the liking and pleasure of your Mary.
Brașov, Str. Morii, nr. 23
Restaurants Brașov, 120 places
Brașov, Calea Bucuresti, nr. 99
Restaurants Brașov, 20 places
Brașov, str. Poarta Schei, nr. 4
Restaurants Poiana Brașov,
Miraj restaurant it is located at ground level and offers you Romanian and International cuisine. The new and elegant furniture of the restaurant give's you a special enviromment for serving dinner.
Poiana Brașov, str. Poiana lui Stechil, nr. 15, Jud Brasov
Restaurants Hoghiz,
Hoghiz, DN 13, Km 50, jud. Brasov
Restaurants Brașov,
Brașov, str. Muresenilor, nr.18
Restaurants Brașov, 250 places
Brașov, Str. Mihail Kogalniceanu. nr. 15, Jud. Brasov
Restaurants Săcele, 280 places
Săcele, Str. Valea Larga, nr. 57, jud. Brasov

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