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Restaurants Iași,
Iași, Comuna Tomesti, nr. 1
Restaurants Moeciu,
Moeciu, Moeciu de sus, Valea Popii, nr. 108
Restaurants Horezu, 200 places
Horezu, Costesti, 5 km de localitatea Horezu
Restaurants Colibița, 100 places
Colibița, str. Colibita, nr. 49, jud. Bistrita Nasaud
Restaurants Târgu Mureș,
Târgu Mureș, Matei Corvin, nr. 2
Restaurants Moeciu, 100 places
Located at the entrance Moeciu in the Tourist Complex Mihaela, House of River Restaurant will provide up to 100 seats. On request we can arrange weddings, baptisms and other events.
Moeciu, Moeciu de Sus, nr 225
Restaurants Brașov, 50 places
Memo restaurant stands in the important events in your life, organizing dinners, birthdays, weddings, christenings, family or company in memorable moments. The restaurant's capacity is 50 seats. Table organized within its offer 10% discount.
Brașov, str. Lunga, nr 159, Jud. Brasov
Restaurants Moeciu, 80 places
The restaurant is open until the last customer,offers a front view to the Piatra Craiului mountains and can satisfy the most refined tastes, from traditional Romanian meals to game and seafood.
Moeciu, str. Drumul Carului, nr. 56 G
Restaurants Iași, 250 places
Iași, Str. Rubinului, Jud. Iasi
Restaurants Brașov, 120 places
Brașov, Calea Bucuresti, nr. 99

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