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Restaurants Brașov, 30 places
The restaurant of "Confort" resort offers you a big variety of meals and an irreproachable service.In our restaurant you find a very pleasant ambiance and you can dine without the noise and the agitation of the big city. Our kitchen offers you a lot of traditional Romanian food prepared with love by her chef. Our resort is available for organizing all kind of events: from the small family [...] read more »
Brașov, str. Tablei, nr. 27, jud. Brasov
Restaurants Bran, 100 places
We offer bed and breakfast, quality services, traditional food -specific to the area, special prices.
Bran, str. G. Traian Mosoiu, nr. 4
Restaurants Predeal, 200 places
The hotel has its own restaurant located on the ground floor. The restaurant attracts its guests with special Hungarian dishes. It is the ideal place for a sturdy lunch or an exquisite supper. The restaurant can accommodate up to 200 people and we organize private and corporate events.
Predeal, Str. Trei Brazi, nr. 20
Restaurants Hateg, 50 places
You can take a break on our terrace, an oasis of peace and beauty, right next to the park where your children can play, or take a seat in the café or restaurant in bad weather. Enjoy our specialties, prepared with care to satisfy you and give you an unforgettable dining experience by cooked dishes "like at home", traditional or international cuisine. Are you on vacation: pamper your senses! We [...] read more »
Hateg, str. Uzinei, nr. 5, jud. Hunedoara
Restaurants București, 100 places
București, Str. Al. Constantinescu, nr. 33
Restaurants Beliș, 96 places
Restaurants Calimănești-Căciulata, 180 places
We organize banquets, weddings, christenings, birthdays. Romanian traditional Menu
Calimănești-Căciulata, str. Calea lui Traian, nr. 577
Restaurants Poiana Brașov, 150 places
Royal Boutique Hotel offers to his clients a modern festive hall from all points of view, ideal for organizing the most important events in your life Whether it's conferences, trainings, seminars, presentations, product launches, weddings and parties, team Royal Hotel is available with highly qualified personnel, necessary logistics and a wide range of menus, will come to meet all tastes and [...] read more »
Poiana Brașov, Poiana Doamnei, nr. 4
Restaurants Târgu Mureș, 21 places
Târgu Mureș, Corunca, nr.2A
Restaurants Predeal, 70 places
Predeal, str. Teleferic, nr. 1

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