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Restaurants Brașov, 150 places
Brașov, Str. Carpatilor, nr. 60
Restaurants Păltiniș,
Restaurants Bragadiru, 130 places
Royal President Ballrooms is the ideal location for private events : weddings, birthdays and corporate events : conferences , business meetings , product launches . Located on the ground floor , Royal Ballroom has a capacity of 130 people . For those who love elegance and good taste , our Royal is the ideal place for unforgettable events . Motto: " For those who appreciate elegance and good [...] read more »
Bragadiru, Str. Sperantei, nr. 22
Restaurants Cheia, 60 places
The restaurant has a capacity of 50-60 places with a real fireplace in the middle. You can eat a la carte menu with traditional Romanian dishes.
Cheia, Principala, nr. 25
Restaurants Galați, 240 places
Galați, Com. Sendreni, DN 25, KM 10
Restaurants Brașov, 170 places
Brașov, str. Carpatilor, nr. 60
Restaurants Bran, 100 places
We offer bed and breakfast, quality services, traditional food -specific to the area, special prices.
Bran, str. G. Traian Mosoiu, nr. 4
Restaurants Sibiu, 40 places
Sibiu, str. Samuel Von Brukenthal, nr. 2-4
Restaurants Sibiu, 48 places
Sibiu, str. Sibiului, nr. 42
Restaurants Săcele, 40 places

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