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Accommodation Moeciu, 48 places, 22 rooms
Moeciu, Moeciu de Sus, Bangaleasca, nr. 136 A, jud. Brasov
Not available for New Year 2021
Accommodation Moeciu, 10 places, 5 rooms
Moeciu, Moeciu de Jos, Cheia
Accommodation Florești, 20 places, 10 rooms
Florești, str. Prof. Ioan Rus, nr. 70, Jud. Cluj
Accommodation Bușteni, 12 places, 4 rooms
Our unit is rented only in one group. The total rental price for 3 nights for a group of 12 people is 2000 lei. A smaller number of people will pay 2000 MDL. Upon reservation: 40%.
Bușteni, str. Eroul Conciu, nr. 14, Valea Prahovei

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