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Accommodation Ciocănești, str. Colacu, nr. 7, jud. Suceava
Pensiunea MELIOS
Today's Rates:
100 Lei
Double room for one night only
Situated at the foot of the Runc, at the intersection between DN 18 and Colacu Street, near the "Assumption of the Virgin" Church, Melios Pension has 24 accommodation places distributed as follows: 7 double bed rooms (104, 105, 106, 107, 108, 110, 111); 1 room with 2 single beds (109); 1 room with 1 double bed and single bed (103); 1 room with 3 single beds (102); 2-room apartment (101); (Each [...] read more »
25 places, 11 rooms, 100 Lei / double room for one night only
Accommodation Ciocănești, str.Oita, nr. 200, Bucovina
Pensiunea OITA
Today's Rates:
70 Lei
Double room for one night only
Situated in Ciocanesti, enjoying a rich and fabulous architecture combined with bucovina hospitality, Guesthouse Oita welcomes its guests to enjoy a stay as they wish. Guesthouse consists of 5 double rooms with bathrooms, also we have equipped kitchen, possibilities for barbecue and picnic. In this guest house is located the representative Painted Egg of the Eggs Festival that takes place every [...] read more »
10 places, 5 rooms, 70 Lei / double room for one night only
Accommodation Ciocănești, Comuna Ciocanesti, str. Paraul Recele, nr.13, jud. Suceava, Bucovina
Today's Rates:
80 Lei
Double room for one night only
Viorica Pension is situated in the village of Ciocanesti. Pension offers accommodation in 5 rooms. Hospitable host which offers traditional food and drinks. Summer fresh trout. Winter sleigh rides.
13 places, 5 rooms, 80 Lei / double room for one night only

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