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0 Not available for New Year 2018
Accommodation Vama Suceava, str. Dragos Voda, nr. 3, jud. Suceava
800 Lei
The whole location for one night only - 18 places
700 Lei for 2 or more nights reserved
Casa Georgiana Guesthouse is located in the heart of Bucovina, with quick access to various tourist attractions: monasteries, the Rarău massif and Obcinele Bucovinei. Casa Georgina offers accommodation in double rooms with private bathroom with shower. Georgiana House has a garden and a terrace ideal for spending some holidays on green grass.
18 places, 9 rooms, 800 Lei / the whole location for one night only
Accommodation Vama Suceava, str. Horia, nr. 1, jud. Suceava, Bucovina
Pensiunea CASA CALIN
150 Lei
Double room nr. 1,2 sau 8 for one night only
Privileged position of the pension "Casa Calin" in the geographic center of Bucovina offers numerous variations of spending the time or organizing trips a day on sightseeing nearby. "Get worn by time, breathing with pine forests and the specific circumstances of this place called simply - Bucovina through the hospitality of "Case Calin". Description of the pension and facilities: 8 double [...] read more »
30 places, 12 rooms, 150 Lei / double room nr. 1,2 sau 8 for one night only
0 Not available for Christmas 2017, New Year 2018, 1 December 2017
Accommodation Vama Suceava, Str. Dimitrie Cantemir, nr. 11
130 Lei
Double room for one night only
Welcome! Situated at the confluence of rivers Moldova and Moldoviţa,surrounded by rolling hills and mountains,the Vama village has a rich architectural and religious heritage ,and not less than 4 church out of which 3 are Orthodox,one is Catholic,plus a Jewish cemetery. Geographically speaking,Vama lies in the centre of an imaginary triangle formed by the monastery of Moldoviţa,the [...] read more »
12 places, 6 rooms, 130 Lei / double room for one night only
Accommodation Vama Suceava, sat Molid, str. Doabra, nr. 8A, Bucovina, Jud Suceava
undefined rate
Pensiunea Mugur whistle, officially classified in 4 marguerites is situated in the village of Vama, Suceava, str Doabra no. 8 A. The pension has its own recreational land in area of 2 hectares, arranged for the most part. Accommodation Capacity: 2 apartments with own bathroom. 8 rooms with matrimonial bed and bathroom. The pension is equipped with living room with a capacity of 30 seats, [...] read more »
34 places, 13 rooms, undefined rate

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